Large Format Glazing

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Molten Glass

For the production of large format glazing, we process glass of the 6,000 × 3,210 mm format in thickness from 6 to 19 mm. We prefer the highest quality molten glass from the German plants operated by French group SAINT-GOBAIN. Alternatively, we use molten glass from AGC, from the Řetenice glassworks, and glass produced by Guardian Group.

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Insulating Glass

We provide insulating double glazing, triple glazing and quadruple glazing up to the full 6,000 × 3,210 mm format. The maximum glazing thickness of 150 mm, weighing up to 2,000 kg, meets the requirements of the most demanding solutions.
We also process atypical shapes for the maximum size and provide glass edge grinding. This is especially recommended for laminated safety glass where edge grinding significantly increases the strength of the glass. Oversized toughened glass (including enamelling if necessary) is supplied by ERTL GLAS, our long-term Austrian partner.

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Structural Glazing

Up to the 6,000 × 3,210 mm format, we also produce all types of structural glass. They must only be sealed with UV-resistant silicone (we use silicone sealants of a renowned producer – Dow Corning), and we often incorporate U sections designed for anchoring structural glass. Generally, we also produce glass with overhangs (including four-sided overhangs) and glass with deeper setting of spacers. If necessary, we glue glazing into the frame structures supplied, and we also glue support points into the glass to be installed in point-supported facades.