Glass Structures

Prosklené konstrukce


We design tailor-made glass structures, carry out static molten glass calculations, and design the dimensions of adhesive-bonded structural joints. We always start with paper and a pencil. As soon as we know the optimal solution, we draw and model it in AutoCAD Architecture 2016, as well as in ATHENA, a special application for designing glass facades. Thanks to detailed processing and 3D modelling, we prevent potential collisions at the design stage. The static glass composition proposal is based on calculations from the MEPLA structural glass design program.

The thermal-technical properties of the designed structures are checked by means of calculations in CSI’s testing centre for fixtures and fittings for building openings in Zlín.

Prosklené konstrukce


Based on the documentation prepared by us, we produce special insulating glazing and ensure that all other structural components are manufactured. Our goal is to provide the maximum purity and quality of the resulting solution. We work not only with wood, but also with aluminium and steel, because each of these materials has its own specific properties.

We use wood especially for all types of openable elements, ventilation openings and sliding systems. Besides its good thermal and technical parameters, a benefit of wood is its simple workability. This allows us to customize the wooden constructions exactly according to the specific assignment. The greatest advantage of aluminium is its high resistance to all external influences and the low weight of such structures. Prefabricated system section lines are used for aluminium structures, but they cannot be customized. We offer aluminium sections provided by renowned manufacturers Schueco and Aluprof.

Steel structures are mainly used as supporting structures wherever glass cannot be used as a supporting element. One of the benefits of steel structures is their subtlety thanks to the high limit strength of steel (for example, compared to aluminium sections). Another benefit of steel is its easy workability. Only the thermal-technical properties of steel can be problematic – it is necessary to consider its thermal expansion.

Prosklené konstrukce


Our delivery includes installation of all designed elements. Glass structures are only installed by our own staff, who are able work with glass panes with millimetre accuracy. When installing structures, we use all machines available to eliminate manual handling of loads, to ensure work safety and to maintain the quality of the resulting work. Given our focus on oversized and other types of special glass, we also use mini-cranes and a two-tonne vacuum suction cup lifter that we hang on different types of crane trucks. We don’t like to say that something is not possible – therefore, we haven’t been afraid to use a helicopter or to install glazing using a pontoon for complicated orders.